Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Kamui-Den V1, part 1

Here. We. GO.

From us and the Hoxman it's the classic by Shirato Sanpei himself, the one and only Kamui-Den, or Legend of Kamui! the famous manga that headlined Garo magazine...we're proud to be starting this one, as it's been a long time coming (as Hox acknowledges, I first talked to him about it, oh, six years ago, give or takes)....but good things come to those who wait, and here it is!

To say I'm psyched is a massive understatement, as this is one of my dream manga to work on for you guys. It's the tale of a low-born ninja named Kamui who flees his clan and wanders Japan, but i's so much more, with themes of classism, oppression and freedom that were intentional reflections of Shirato Sanpei's Marxist leanings.

And give a HUGE shoutout to Habanero Scans, 
who are the unsung heroes of the hour for providing us with amazing scans on this one. They helped make Shin Mazinger Zero possible again, they gave us great scans for Azumi, Crocodile Precinct and more, and we're very grateful for them.

Now, Kamui-den starts slow...but stick with it. It'll pay off. Here's the start!


  1. I remember talkings about it and I think you even gave me v1 to check or something. I think it was between april and june of...2013? But then I took upon little Azumi... Absolutely following this new project.

  2. HOOOOLY S#*T!!!!! I HAVE NO WORDS!! So I'm just gonna say a big and heartfelt Thank You! :)

    Which edition are you working on?

  4. Awesome but this is insanely long, we will never get to the end