Friday, April 13, 2018

Azumi 195

Alright, people, let's start the betting: How long's he got?

Azumi chapter 195: Conflicted Heart

And searching for editors!


  1. Again, another excellent chapter to be grateful for! And yeah, um who is he working for again??? He has done nothing but sow uncertainty within the group while still pointing out the targets. Likely not really working for Tenkai but for that other guy who wanted Azumi dead? This guy obviously can't protect anybody and just knows how to run. I give him a 50% chance or surviving this but only if he manages to break Azumi away from her support group and then runs away. He also might get away if he unbalances her enough that she screws up her sword fights. Seriously, who's team is he working for?

  2. Thanks again ! But I had an idea that might help readers to pick some titles, it would be nice to have kind of a countdown to the end, like Chapter 195/300 for instance. Many of us just gaver them one by one until it's finished. I LOVE YOUR WORK, but to be honest it's a bit of a let down to feel it's never gonna end.

  3. Well did the others propose a married life? because i think that's a new one as far as love confessions go, plus it comes from a non-fighter so it adds novelty.

    Musashi getting cockblocked tho.

  4. @Doomroar: Totally agree on this one. But I guess this proposal just rang in his incoming doom hahaha