Thursday, March 29, 2018

Cat's Eye 134

Their quest may be concluded, but what's next? The Kisugi sisters' story is not done yet! Hitomi and Toshio have their own plot to resolve. What's gonna happen!?

Oh, we need editors and cleaners!

And here's the new Cat's Eye!


  1. How many chapters are left? 1 or 2? Planning to finally starting binge reading it.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hard to believe that's only one more chapter left. Thank you for all the great work. Any chances you are picking up Angel Heart after this one?

  3. In that panel Toshio looks a "tiny little bit" like how Ryo-chan will be :)

  4. I cant believe the whole thing :)

    About a month ago, youtube occassionaly reminded me Cat's Eye, my favorites manga almost 30 years ago!

    Two weeks ago, I found your fantastic masterpiece, and read them page by page, three times! (it really did bad to my eyes.)

    At the same time, I found, and bought complete 18 volumes on an auction website.

    Yesterday I finally learned that this translation is an on-going job, and is in lack of two final chapters. I thought I wanna contact with you guys, to let you know how I appreciate it, and anything I may do for the last two chapters.


    Thanks you so much. Your digital prints are better than my physical books.

    I bought whole 18 books from an auction website,

  5. One chapter away, great work guys! I have the bunkoban edition but still learning japanese, this will help a lot.