Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Azumi Chapter 192

Alright, it's time for 192...and I think we can count that one under "for Hatsune."

Time for another volume's conclusion as the plot thickens. Oh, and we're seeking more editors now for help, particularly if anyone can assist with Azumi and others!

Here's 192 

And volume 26


  1. A beautiful chapter to end that volume, so thank you a lot. Sadly, Azumi must now realize that the young ones have had many chances to return to their village, but have not taken any of them. They are clearly her enemies, if not now then in the definable future. Really, she needs to kill them.

  2. Thanks for your hard work!! That other guy should have suffered more before dying, but I guess it must have been frustrating enough to die while Musashi was standing right next to you. Koyama-sensei really manages to make it difficult for the reader to decide whom to root for and really show's Azumi's humane side quite well, when she hesitates to attack her target ..