Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Yagyu Jubei Dies Chapter 23 and complete V5 (END)

It's all led to this...the final battle between Jubei and his nemesis Iemitsu, as Jubei makes a vow to defeat the Shinobi age! How will it end? Perhaps the way you don't expect!

I should note that Ishikawa's declining health left him sadly unable to complete the manga, leaving a good deal unresolved, though from the Yamada novel, we know the true ending. Does Jubei die? Well, yes and no. If you remember the opening scene of the series...

I'll have more thoughts later.

Enjoy the finale

And the final full volume


  1. The Yubei trilogy finally completed. Huge thanks for working on this till the end guys.

  2. Oh wow, thanks a lot for this!

  3. Thank you for providing us more Ishikawa!! Really appreciated!

  4. That ship didn't had enough cannons!

    Oh man, i want more, what a pity it was such a fun read.

  5. thanks, can you guys upload the first 4 volumes? links are dead now.