Thursday, January 4, 2018

Crocodile Precinct Chapter 10

And the 15th year continues!


  1. Hi, sorry to write here about another manga but I don't know how to contact you directly. As I wrote before, there are several chapters of Hidamari no ki/The tree in the sunlight that are impossible to find in a complete form in any site (mangafox, batoto, mangareader etc). I checked every possible place and they have all the same problem, many missing pages at the end of chapters 39,42,51 and 58. My only chance to get the complete chapters is getting them from you. Is it possible to reupload them or make them available somehow? This manga is an immortal masterwork, it really deserves to be complete and it's such a pity to have those uncomplete chapters...
    thank you

    1. hey! I'm going to look now and ask the typesetter. If not, I can always redo them later on.

    2. Thank you so much! And thank you for having translated this absolute masterpiece. I'm a huge Tezuka fan and I've been waiting for years to read this. Now that I finished it I can say it's one of the best manga he ever made.