Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Azumi Chapter 182

First things: Still need editors to help!

Second? Okay, I love this chapter. Between Azumi not getting 'low profile' and Date Masamune going fanboy over Musashi?

Enjoy Searching For the Enemy!


  1. I think the chapter implies it in a obvious way, but I want to make sure as I'm not 100% sure about this. It is Azumi's fault that their targets know where Tobizaru, Azume, et all, are staying at, right? Due to the 4 young ones knowing who Azumi was, and knowing to follow her, due to their luck meeting Azumi at the beach, right?

  2. Hmmm,yes Azumi purposefully let the cat out of the bag to see their reaction and if you remember Azumi started out her carreer with her Granpa and kids about their age. If they had attacked her, she probably would have killed them all. What is more remarkable is that she didn't mention them to the guy who is the "spotter" for who a target is. Still what are the chances that four young entertainers just happen to be at the foot of the cliff and then don't offer to show off their skills for money? Yeah, there was a lot that was fishy with that scene. And as for Musashi, boy is he gonna get played. Thanks for the great chapter.

    1. I'm confused, did Azumi purposely lead the 4 to her lodging/hiding place (without the 4 of them knowing that she was doing it on purpose)?

  3. Were did all the long vowels go?

  4. I wonder if Azumi and team will know that she is the one who lead (accidentally or on purpose) their targets to their hiding place or if they will think Musashi betrayed them. Is this addressed later in the story arc?