Saturday, September 9, 2017

Azumi Chapter 171

Storm should hit tonight, but...

Here's a new Azumi in the meanwhile. Fat Azumi is best girl. You'll see what we mean.


  1. Thank you for another chapter. I'm confused. Did Tenkai find out that Azumi assassinated Ieyasu in a previous chapter? Also, at this point of the story, does Azumi know that she was tricked by Yagyu Munenori to kill Ieyasu? Hopefully these are not considered spoilers, this is from previous chapters.

    1. Tenkai is aware now, yes. But I don't believe Azumi knows how she was used by Munenori yet.

    2. Yes, indeed thanks for this chapter, and yes Yagyu Munenori is apparently sweating bullets because it seems that he hasn't yet made himself invaluable enough to be forgiven, or maybe his pride in not getting caught is in the way.

  2. thanks guys! Amazing chap and amazing arc starting nowww!

  3. Thanks for translating Azumi, I've been reading it for two years now and you kept on providing an awesome work.
    Thank you :)

  4. Fat Azumi really is such a precious cutie <3
    Stay safe!!