Monday, July 31, 2017

Sidooh Chapter 144

A new week brings a new series to replace that Shut Hell this series seems to have been orphaned for some time, we've opted to pick it up. Ingledove has been kind enough to assist with editing and Other Side of Sky has been happy to assist on translation...give them a big hand.

Now, I'm a big Tsutomu Takahashi fan myself for the writing and the breathtaking artwork and Sidooh is one of his best series. In chapter 143, we left off with quite the battle that resumes here.

And a big shout out to Bulsajo, Delinquent Scans and EasyGoingScans for their great work on past chapters as well.

And as usual, taking a moment to plug in a need for editors to assist with things here. It'd certainly help get Ring ni Kakero back up and running. And for those wondering...well, Violence Jack shouldn't be too much longer now. Just a bit more patience.

All that said? Enjoy the return of Sidooh!


  1. Thank you for doing god's work!

  2. Thanks guys!!! Wonderful of you to pick this up.

  3. Thank you for picking this series.

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  5. Thank you so much!!..I hope another Lovely Angel chapter is next

  6. Just went and reread the whole manga. Thank you so much for picking this up.......