Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mad BUll chapter 30 and V6

Chapter 30!

And that will conclude V6


  1. Thanks, never knew about this manga. This reminds me of Crying Freeman, similar artwork style, with uncensored violence & sex/nudity. I think it's the same story-teller as Crying Freeman, but different artist? Although very similar. Anyone know of other titles similar to Mad Bull and Crying Freeman, with this combination of artwork, violence, and "adult"-action?

  2. A manga you might like is Wounded Man (same writer and artist as Crying Freeman): very trashy pulp story full of kinky sex and violence. Another pulp manga from the '80s packed with sex and violence and with great artwork is Violence Jack by Go Nagai. Another title I recommend is Devilman Lady, also by Nagai.