Monday, July 31, 2017

Sidooh Chapter 144

A new week brings a new series to replace that Shut Hell this series seems to have been orphaned for some time, we've opted to pick it up. Ingledove has been kind enough to assist with editing and Other Side of Sky has been happy to assist on translation...give them a big hand.

Now, I'm a big Tsutomu Takahashi fan myself for the writing and the breathtaking artwork and Sidooh is one of his best series. In chapter 143, we left off with quite the battle that resumes here.

And a big shout out to Bulsajo, Delinquent Scans and EasyGoingScans for their great work on past chapters as well.

And as usual, taking a moment to plug in a need for editors to assist with things here. It'd certainly help get Ring ni Kakero back up and running. And for those wondering...well, Violence Jack shouldn't be too much longer now. Just a bit more patience.

All that said? Enjoy the return of Sidooh!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Shut Hell Chapter 90 (END)

It's finally here. It's been four years since we first picked up this one...this is a project I have to credit OtherSideOfSky for, as he introduced it to me. And, well...Yu Itoh's art was amazing, the story was fantastic and the characters were wonderful. I couldn't help but pick it up. And now...the final chapter. We have indeed reached the end. And what awaits? Goodbyes and reunions...Sudoh has unfinished business...Shut Hell is gone, Veronika has her broken life to piece back together and the Tiger has one last bite in store...and what becomes of the Tangut script?

And at the end, we pay one last visit to the afterlife to see how everyone's doing, put up the chairs, dim the lights and close the door.

I'd also like to thank Ingledove for keeping this project alive with editing and doing such an amazing job, and MikaJak for the help with the cleaning. and hey, if anyone is able to give us a hand or two with translating or editing? We'd love the aid!

It's been one hell of a ride with Shut Hell, Sudoh, Yurul, Harabal, Tolui, the Khan, Veronika and everyone else. But all rides end.

Presenting...the final chapter

And Volume 14

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Azumi Chapters 160-161

Here's a guys deserve the end of the boat ride.

So, our girl's been captured and put through hell by the psycho twins. Has salvation come in an unlikely form at last?

Read Azumi's next chapters and find out!

Chapter 160

And 161

Mad Bull Chapter 29

And here we go. Happy July 4th!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Zenikko Chapter 1

Chaos says it best!

" And another little-known classic is underway, this one brought to you by the artist of Dokaben and Abu-san and the creator of Apache Baseball Team, in an incredibly rare manga for these two that has absolutely nothing to do with the most boring major-league sport (Yeah I said it, baseball fans, come at me)! Now, you might have to give this one some time before it gets good, because at this point it’s just about a whiny rich kid, but trust me, he won’t stay that way for long. By the time the next volume rolls around, it’ll be a gritty (by the 70s standards) look at money and capitalism, and this kid’s attempts to game the system in his favor. But since we have to get the tragic backstory out of the way first, here’s our hero not caring because he’s sad."

And here's chapter 1!