Sunday, May 21, 2017

Azumi Chapter 155

In Blind Spot, Azumi's captivity Tobizaru desperately attempts to free her, only to run into complications from our merry band of psychopaths, the Rasetsguarasu, and his life's in mortal danger...

And Gacchi and Tae's family gets mixed up in the war in a most unexpected manner.

It's a brand new Azumi!

As of right now, we've also got a project we BADLY need help with typesetting for. Can anyone please assist there?


  1. I'm waiting patiently for the big and fat killing.

    Thank you!

  2. Thank you! Do you guys have any info about Kyomu Senki? The Dynamic Pro website isnt updated since last year... Is the scanlation still going?

    1. It is, but we'll be on hold for just a bit...if the worst happens, we need to buy the volumes again as Dynamic had physical copies of them.

  3. Allright, thank you for replying.