Saturday, April 1, 2017

Queen Millennia Chapter 1

What's this? A new manga by...Leiji Matsumoto?! Yes, it's true! The Queen of a Thousand Years has arrived! A new discovered 10th planet, called Lametal, will collide with earth on 9th September 1999. While the impact won't affect the giant ice planet critically, earth will be destroyed.

Yayoi, daughter of Lametal's queen and entrusted with the mission to abduct a large number of humans for slavery, befriends the orphaned boy Hajime and starts to question the intentions of her mother. Together with her human family and friends, she takes up the fight against Lametal and searches for a way to avoid earth's destruction...

Let's kick it off


  1. Thanks! Been waiting on this one to be translated. Any chance for Ishimori to make a come back soon as well? That would make it even more perfect.

  2. Thank you so much! I've always wanted to read this one!

  3. Been waiting for this since you guys first announced it.
    Queen Emeraldas being officially released, Harlock Saga being translated, Galaxy Express slowly being translated, Tales of Time Gone By, and now this. It's been a great year so far for fans of him.

  4. You guys are awesome. Any idea where on scale of Matsumoto's crazy Queen Millennia falls? He can do some really entertaining stuff but sometimes he goes off the rails (looking at you Gun Frontier.)

    1. This is probably his most approachable and cohesive work, i think you'll do fine, but then again, i enjoyed Gun Frontier a lot...