Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gundragon Sigma

Who wants some Buichi Terasawa?

Gundragon Sigma is one of the more...unique series I've ever seen, accomplished with a combination of computer generated images and photography of its lead characters. The world is...weird, to say the least. Very Sci-Fi in the vein of Cobra, concerning the story of Sigma, a member of the Gun Dragons, who finds a very nasty contraband item, sending her on a hunt for the origin while also dealing with a dangerous conspiracy.

HNG and Happyscans proudly presents: Gundragon Sigma!


  1. Well, thanks! This looks different in that way :)

  2. Thanks, anything Buichi Terasawa is always welcomed. The Σ character on the filenames seems to confuse my picture viewers so I had to rename the files and directories to remove the Σ character to be able to view the images. FYI if anyone encounters an issue. Buichi Terasawa made only one volume of Gundragon Sigma, is that correct?

  3. I really liked this one, the story was okay, but I felt that if Terasawa would draw this like he normally do, it wouldnt be so much interesting. Also I liked the way it feels very mangaesque with the panels and such, also, the designs of the aliens were nice and it feels kinda better than the bland human characters.

    But please do more Terasawa.