Sunday, April 2, 2017

Azumi Chapter 150

And so, we bring a close to Volume 20...several years and 150 chapters since we first began this wonderful series.

Azumi finishes her fight, as only Azumi can. And then it's time for a trip to the mine with some revelations. SOMEONE has some explaining to do...

Azumi chapter 150: Bloody Makeup


  1. Thank you for another chapter! Wow, this series has the same number of volumes as the original Hit Comics release of Wild 7.

    How long have you guys have been working on Azumi? When did you guys release the first chapter of the first volume?

    1. July 29 2013 ^^".
      And yes, the chapter link is down.
      The only way to read everything is going to an online reader, unless Wrigh decides to pack all the old chapters in volumes and re-release them.