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Tree in the Sunlight Chapter 64 (END)

And so...we bring the saga to a close. I need to thank Ingle and Hahah for their awesome work on this. It took years to get it done, but Osamu Tezuka's masterpiece is finally complete! It's been a thrilling, dramatic ride, full of joy and pain, but now we must leave our friends for good.

Here is chapter 64, the fitting epilogue

And the full volume 11...which contains fixes for screw ups I made previously I apologize for those! I'll post V2s of the chapters later on.

As ever, enjoy!

EDIT: WOW, I'm an idiot. links fixed and updated properly!

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Azumi Chapter 170

Okay, so...I'm right in Hurricane Irma's path. Wish me the best and if things...slow down for a bit? You know why.

Here's a new Azumi, though

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Shutendoji volume 8

And here we have the penultimate volume!

PS: Any donations to go to translation would be much appreciated. Also...if I'm away for a bit after the weekend, be advised We're currently in the hurricane zone, so that may interfere a tad

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Sidooh Chapter 149

And for those who've been waiting so long? Sidooh Volume 14 is officially done. We'll do full volume releases from 15 on!

Enjoy The 149th Way

PS: Any donations to go to translation would be much appreciated. Also...if I'm away for a bit after the weekend, be advised We're currently in the hurricane zone, so that may interfere a tad

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Azumi Chapter 169

Shizune's true plot is revealed...and it's time we see how Azumi fights a god, especially when he realizes there may be more between them than he thought.

Chapter 169: Mysterious Eyes

Oh, yeah: And fuck Shunjiro. That is all.

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Devilman vs. Hades Chapter 17: END

And here we are...the final chapter: The Awakening. It's an ending, but in true infuriatingly ambiguous one. Who do you think pulled it off at the very end?

Overall, I think this has been a pretty solid series, with real incredible artwork. Make sure you get it when the official release comes out! And thanks to all for reading!

Devilman vs. Hades: The Final Chapter

And Volume 3

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Azumi Chapter 168

And now we get the tearjerker with the twins...and the culmination of Shunjiro's plotline commented.

Edit: Link updated 

Chapter 168: Their Hearts

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Azumi Chapter 167

I think my favorite part of this chapter is the amount of fucks Azumi does not give.

Chapter 167: Fallen Angel

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Azumi Chapter 165

Let's kick off Volume 23! The fight with the Rasetsugarasu is over...only for Azumi to learn that things ain't done yet.

What are tour merry band of Ronin planning? Find out!

Azumi chapter 165: Tenkai's Crisis

And don't forget; seeking editors to help out here! For a new manga and for Ring!

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Sidooh Chapter 144

A new week brings a new series to replace that Shut Hell this series seems to have been orphaned for some time, we've opted to pick it up. Ingledove has been kind enough to assist with editing and Other Side of Sky has been happy to assist on translation...give them a big hand.

Now, I'm a big Tsutomu Takahashi fan myself for the writing and the breathtaking artwork and Sidooh is one of his best series. In chapter 143, we left off with quite the battle that resumes here.

And a big shout out to Bulsajo, Delinquent Scans and EasyGoingScans for their great work on past chapters as well.

And as usual, taking a moment to plug in a need for editors to assist with things here. It'd certainly help get Ring ni Kakero back up and running. And for those wondering...well, Violence Jack shouldn't be too much longer now. Just a bit more patience.

All that said? Enjoy the return of Sidooh!

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Shut Hell Chapter 90 (END)

It's finally here. It's been four years since we first picked up this one...this is a project I have to credit OtherSideOfSky for, as he introduced it to me. And, well...Yu Itoh's art was amazing, the story was fantastic and the characters were wonderful. I couldn't help but pick it up. And now...the final chapter. We have indeed reached the end. And what awaits? Goodbyes and reunions...Sudoh has unfinished business...Shut Hell is gone, Veronika has her broken life to piece back together and the Tiger has one last bite in store...and what becomes of the Tangut script?

And at the end, we pay one last visit to the afterlife to see how everyone's doing, put up the chairs, dim the lights and close the door.

I'd also like to thank Ingledove for keeping this project alive with editing and doing such an amazing job, and MikaJak for the help with the cleaning. and hey, if anyone is able to give us a hand or two with translating or editing? We'd love the aid!

It's been one hell of a ride with Shut Hell, Sudoh, Yurul, Harabal, Tolui, the Khan, Veronika and everyone else. But all rides end.

Presenting...the final chapter

And Volume 14

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Azumi Chapters 160-161

Here's a guys deserve the end of the boat ride.

So, our girl's been captured and put through hell by the psycho twins. Has salvation come in an unlikely form at last?

Read Azumi's next chapters and find out!

Chapter 160

And 161

Mad Bull Chapter 29

And here we go. Happy July 4th!

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Zenikko Chapter 1

Chaos says it best!

" And another little-known classic is underway, this one brought to you by the artist of Dokaben and Abu-san and the creator of Apache Baseball Team, in an incredibly rare manga for these two that has absolutely nothing to do with the most boring major-league sport (Yeah I said it, baseball fans, come at me)! Now, you might have to give this one some time before it gets good, because at this point it’s just about a whiny rich kid, but trust me, he won’t stay that way for long. By the time the next volume rolls around, it’ll be a gritty (by the 70s standards) look at money and capitalism, and this kid’s attempts to game the system in his favor. But since we have to get the tragic backstory out of the way first, here’s our hero not caring because he’s sad."

And here's chapter 1!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Shut Hell Chapter 88

One of the final chapters...and who better to center around? One of the best characters in the manga, easily

It's time for...Veronika

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Azumi Volume 21

And now, we bring Volume 21 to a close...

And there's a light at the end of the tunnel, promise! Though those Rasetsugarasu? Sick bastards, am I right?

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Shut Hell Chapter 85

It's the final volume. Yep, at long last, here we are at the end of Shut Hell. And we last left Yurul and Shut Hell in a terrible situation that may kinda sorta possibly be the end for Shut Hell...

The Khan is still attempting to annihilate the Tangut script and Yurul has to wrestle with a terrible decision he's made...who's ready?

Because it's time for chapter 85: An Enemy's Head.

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Rasputin the Patriot chapter 1

And here's something new with HNG!

A Kafkaesque tale of a diplomat who likens himself to the Mad Monk of Russia who is caught in a political purge and needs to cut through endless webs of red tape to find out just what's going on. Junji Ito brings his patented sense of horror and absurdity to this one!

So enjoy, guys!

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Neo Mao Dante V1 complete and Devilman v. Hades V2

Finally got around to collecting this up

And in Mao Dante...the fight between Dante and the gods concludes for now, but we get our implications as for the rest of the city...

The final chapter of V1

And V1!

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Sukeban Deka Chapter 10 part 2

We bring When The Demon Wakes to its conclusion....Saki is able to see her sister to happiness, but...

We bid a sad farewell this chapter. 

And as a note: looking for editors to help now. Please consider applying!

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Azumi Chapter 155

In Blind Spot, Azumi's captivity Tobizaru desperately attempts to free her, only to run into complications from our merry band of psychopaths, the Rasetsguarasu, and his life's in mortal danger...

And Gacchi and Tae's family gets mixed up in the war in a most unexpected manner.

It's a brand new Azumi!

As of right now, we've also got a project we BADLY need help with typesetting for. Can anyone please assist there?

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Desert Rose 42

And here's a new Rose!

Btw, a few raws are coming out, including the last Shut Hell, and I've got a few translations upcoming....if anyone can assist with fees and donations, it'd be much appreciated. Would be requesting about 60 dollars there if anyone can chip in. Much appreciated in advance!

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Azumi Chapter 154

Divine Mischief

The attempt to break Azumi continues. And Shunjiro status? Still a prick.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gundragon Sigma

Who wants some Buichi Terasawa?

Gundragon Sigma is one of the more...unique series I've ever seen, accomplished with a combination of computer generated images and photography of its lead characters. The world is...weird, to say the least. Very Sci-Fi in the vein of Cobra, concerning the story of Sigma, a member of the Gun Dragons, who finds a very nasty contraband item, sending her on a hunt for the origin while also dealing with a dangerous conspiracy.

HNG and Happyscans proudly presents: Gundragon Sigma!

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Crocodile Precinct Chapter 7

Well, this is worth the wait, since we have a massive, 150 page chapter now! Rin and Mika end up on a hijacked cruise ship, and...okay, remind me to never, ever, ever mess with Mika. That is the most cringe inducing way of warding off a potential rapist I've ever seen.'s the latest!

Babel II Chapter 14

Aaaaand we're back

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Neo Mao Dante Chapter 2

The attack of the Gods continues, but our heroes have a plan...remember Dante is the best scientist ever? Well, guess what they're working on...

Btw, shoutout to Pearse Hillock for his help with editing this. Thanks a ton!

Chapter 2

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Azumi Chapter 151

Shunjiro, the man Azumi once cared for deeply, has been exposed as the manipulative liar he's become, but we have a chance to see what made him this way and the ideals he still clings to. Perhaps you can find it in your heart to have pity for him?

Either way...the truth behind the scenes is now revealed, and things are about to get much, much, much worse as a lit match is thrown on the fuse of war.

But first, Azumi has to confront her old flame, in the chapter aptly titled: Liar

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Azumi Chapter 150

And so, we bring a close to Volume 20...several years and 150 chapters since we first began this wonderful series.

Azumi finishes her fight, as only Azumi can. And then it's time for a trip to the mine with some revelations. SOMEONE has some explaining to do...

Azumi chapter 150: Bloody Makeup

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Queen Millennia Chapter 1

What's this? A new manga by...Leiji Matsumoto?! Yes, it's true! The Queen of a Thousand Years has arrived! A new discovered 10th planet, called Lametal, will collide with earth on 9th September 1999. While the impact won't affect the giant ice planet critically, earth will be destroyed.

Yayoi, daughter of Lametal's queen and entrusted with the mission to abduct a large number of humans for slavery, befriends the orphaned boy Hajime and starts to question the intentions of her mother. Together with her human family and friends, she takes up the fight against Lametal and searches for a way to avoid earth's destruction...

Let's kick it off

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Neo Mao Dante, Chapter 1

Psychic powers! Gods and Demons! Ancient civilizations! Giant monsters! Beautiful women! Yep, it's a Nagai series...

Dante Luther is Japan's pride; a genius scientist working alongside his best friends Satan and Lucifer, his beautiful assistant Medusa and their friends Astaroth and Beelzebub...working on special weapons, when all of a sudden, evil Gods invade the world and begin destroying it.

A remake of Go Nagai's 1977 manga Mao Dante, with improved art, an expanded story...and who knows, maybe even an ending this time!

It's time for more Nagai!

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Yagyu jubei Dies chapter 11

Time to kick off volume 4! Jubei is now stuck in the we see how things develop. Someone arrives with a bargain for him, as old enemies arrive to wreak some havoc...

Here we go!

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God Mazinger Chapter 10 and volume 1 complete

So, here we are...Yamato's journey has taken him this war, as war between the Mu and Dragonia continues...we've learned quite a bit, but there're more surprises in store...

There may be a delay before V2. Waiting for Dynamic Pro to scan the second volume, so hang tight!

Here's chapter 10

And the full V1!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sukeban Deka: The Shape Of Love

Well, this is Chapter 9...Saki manages to deal with some downtime, and perhaps some new feelings...?

Shape of Love: Sukeban Deka!

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Flieder Bug Chapter 3

Time for more Ishikawa, guys! Enjoy the third chapter of Flieder Bug!

Takeru may be a bit busy with other things coming up, but don't worry...more God Mazinger, Flieder and more ishikawa will be on the horizon!

Here's Flieder!

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Desert Rose Chapter 35

Desert Rose Chapter 35

Oh, and here's Cat's Eye Volume 15. My bad for the bad link....

Regarding other volumes, I'll keep that in mind. I fully plan to get those up sooner or later.  Regarding 68-78, I'll be reupping though to Mega. Thanks, guys!

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Azumi Chapter 145 triangle ahoy! We get some insight to Shizune as Azumi opens up...

And here we are!

So, we're looking for people who can assist further with series like Tensai Family Company and Ring ni Kakero...can anyone lend a hand?

And here's Sasori 18

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God Mazinger Chapter 9

Now...let's check in on Kaoru, and I kinda have to say this falls under "ok, dude, not funny" at this point. Poor girl's life seems to just BITE....

Ok, I digress. A new chapter at last! Please enjoy!

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Devilman vs. Hades Chapter 6, volume 1 complete

Volume 1 ends. Akira's gotten everything he's wanted...but it's not quite right, and Hades is bent on destroying him in revenge for Persephone.'s time for the title of this manga to really come to pass. Time for Devilman and Hades himself to throw down!

Thanks for reading, everyone! And remember...we're looking for editors and translators to help out now!

Chapter 6: Darkness

Volume 1

Tuesday, January 10, 2017