Thursday, December 8, 2016

87 Clockers Chapter 51 and Volume 9 (END)

So...that's it. All she wrote. The end.

This manga was really Music's passion project, and he did an amazing job with the translation. Ingledove and Nethandle did amazing work on the, I'd have to say this is a project I think Happy Scans can be very proud of.

So, what do you all think of the ending? Yay? Nay? We'd love to hear your thoughts!
And with the closing of one series, we do have to ask again, if anyone is interested in joining the team to help translate or edit (we REALLY need editing help for ring now), we'd appreciate it!

Here it is. Volume 9!


  1. Thank you very much!!!! I love Tomoko's works and if it wasn't for you I would never be ready to read this manga. I have all the volumes but I can't speak Japanese at all. Thank you once again!

  2. Dose of reality I guess. People crawl back to the status quo no matter how harmful, hurtful or complacent it is. It wasn't a bad ending, but I guess I'm disappointed.