Monday, October 3, 2016

Baptism Volume 4

It's finally time to end this. After so much, we see what drives Sakura at last, and the chilling truth of all that has happened to this point! There's still a few more crazy twists, turns and of course, murder, before the shocking finale!

And's time for Snake, and then the Phantom Butterfly a pair of short Umezu stories to round out the volume....enjoy!

Baptism: Volume 4 (END)


  1. hi thanx for the release
    what is that zip file inside the zip file for?

    1. Might've added that by mistake, just ignore it

  2. Kicking october in with Umezu, thanks guys! Also, congrats for completing the FOUR volumes in less than a year, you rule!

  3. This must be my least liked Umezu story, the characters are way too damn dumb for anyone's and their own well being, i practically found myself wishing them all dead, except for the journalist, which ironically was the one that died.

  4. Awesome, two finished projects in a row, you are spoiling us.

  5. Thanks for completing this!

  6. The download link in the post does not seem to be working. Could you re-upload it or solve the problem otherwise? Thanks