Sunday, September 25, 2016

Yagyu Jubei Dies Chapter 9, and V2 complete

A new chapter in our saga, to be followed soon by more God Mazinger, Kyomu Senki and Baptism! Now, a new foe has been sent to deal with Jubei alongside his right and left hands...Takezo and Kojiro. And I hope everyone enjoying this series knows what THOSE names mean...

We see a trio of terrifying enemies, and they're gunning for someone Jubei's vowed to protect with his life...the only one who can lead him to the key to end the Shinobi Edo Period!

Chapter 9

Volume 2

Oh, and we're looking for editors to help now! Please, anyone apply!


  1. Volumes 2-4 have been removed. Is it possible for them to get re uploaded?