Saturday, August 6, 2016

Grendizer Chapter 12 and V3 (END)

What is it about our mech series and the end of the world? It's been a long, long road, but we've reached the end...the Vegans and Grendizer prepare their final clash! Takeru Kyori has our AMAZING thanks for his salvage of this project...

And you MAY expect a certain Kyomu Senki back this weekend....and a certain Shin Mazinger Zero is back in the is Violence Jack. Patience pays, and it will be rewarded! Hang tight, y'all!

Here's the final chapter: Where there's Life

And V3


  1. No more rapist Kouji? Aw.

    Good on resuming Shin Zero though.

    1. You might get some more if you ask the group(s) really nicely (and not too often).

  2. In the last pages you can see some publicity of Kyomu Senki. What a coincidence! Thanks a lot for this! :D