Sunday, August 14, 2016

Devilman vs. Hades chapter 1

Devilman vs. Hades is a relatively recent entry in the saga, featuring a crossover with the Mazinger mythos. Written by Go Nagai and drawn by Team Moon who give us some truly gorgeous and amazing artwork that's far more detailed than what we're used to seeing in the Devilman series.

After the world ended in the original Devilman, Akira Fudo is in hell, seeking the soul of his beloved Miki while at the same time Doctor Hell is beseeching the underworld for power in order to get his revenge upon the hated Mazinger. Akira sets in motion a chain of events that earn the enmity of Hades himself, who'll stop at nothing to avenge the slights Akira commits against him...

and given it's Go Nagai, you know it's gonna be apocalyptic.

Thanks be to Otherside for his excellent translations of the manga. And remember, we're in search for editors now, so if you can help us out, we'd really appreciate it. And if you like Go Nagai's stuff, XPearse has been doing some great scanlations of things like Great Mazinger, Cutey Honey vs. Devilman Lady, Devilman Saga and now Demon Knight as well , so go have a look...always nice to see people get more Nagai exposure.

Here's Devilman vs. Hades chapter 1!


  1. the demon knight is raw I've scanned for purpose to be translated, actually happy that someone picked up for translate !
    I can scan more and more, I've a great stuff of nagai !

    thanks anyway for all your work

    see ya

  2. Fuck Pearse HillockAugust 15, 2016 at 3:30 PM

    Thanks for the new scan, but no thanks for making me discover that lunatic's blog... The guy spouts out stuff like "two bombs weren't enough" about the Japanese because... what? Because he disliked something he read in Devilman Saga? Has he even *read* the original Devilman? Fuck this fascist. I don't want to owe him anything. I'd rather do my own shitty job of reading it one balloon at the time through fucking google translate.

  3. Xpearse is known for his bad translation quality. The guy flubs simple Japanese all the time and has an extremely poor grasp of English. Many people boycotted his Terraformars scanlation because of its terrible quality to the point that he stopped doing it and switched over to Nagai works instead.

    Do not read Xpearse "translations"

  4. Man the art is great, and the story is well... meh, just another Nagai work with Devilman on it, really whats the point of reviving humanity if Satan is still ruling the world? did he forgot how he ended dying by getting his ass literally destroyed and then having to listen to Satan's reminiscing? that whole scene only missed Satan smoking a cigarette and asking for seconds, which in a way he did...

  5. Awesome choice! I'm dying to read the complete series very soon. Thanks for translating it!