Thursday, May 19, 2016

Steel Jeeg Chapter 1

A brand new Nagai for you! And it's the classic mech series Steel Jeeg! You know the story with this one: ancient evil awakens, heroes have to take it on using giant robots. It's a classic by Nagai and we're glad to bring it to you guys with HNG!

And remember: we're in serious need of help from editors now! If anyone can assist with editing, please let us know! We'd really appreciate it!

Here's Chapter 1 of Steel Jeeg!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for more Nagai goodness!! Not mean to be annoying, but do you guys have any word on Kyomu Senki? The Dynamic Pro website doesnt have a new upload since last year.

    1. Yeah, we're waiting to hear back from Dynamic still...if worst ever comes to ABSOLUTE worst, Takeru and I will continue it.

  2. thank you for this. hopefully lovely angel chapter may be next.