Friday, May 13, 2016

Hydra Chapter 1 (Hokuto No Gun, Illuminati and Happy)

The touching story of a man and his gun...

So, I've helped with a few Haras now...Kagemusha, Rintaro...and now this masterpiece, but it's the first one we've ever released jointly. I've loved Haras works a long time, ever since I read Fist of the North Star. His art style can only be described as 'hypermasculine,' his attention to detail for action is almost peerless...and I don't care if he has only one design for his heroes. It's a damn good one. With Hara, you always get the sense of passion for his craft. So when I first heard of Hydra through Chaos...I got the volume, GGpX scanned it as peerlessly as ever, and Chaos translated it fantastically. I'm really glad we get to bring it to you guys now.
And the best thing about Tetsuo Hara? Whether it's by a fist utilizing ancient martial arts or a bazooka pistol, the man loves making peoples' heads explode.