Sunday, April 3, 2016

Shut Hell Chapter 67

So...we managed to pick up our own personal raws of Volume 11. Yurul is being taken to the head of the Mongols...the Khan himself awaits and Shut Hell is rushing to his side...but Yurul hopes to sway Temujin from his path by telling him of the strength of letters and writing....

It feels like this series is going to a conclusion now. It's a wild ride!

Remember, we're also looking for help from editors, translators and typesetters...there's a number of things we could really use assistance with, and I have a non-manga French series I'd actually like to scanlate if anyone knows French.

Enjoy Chapter 67 of SH: Eyes


  1. Thank you very much happy scans for this chapter. this arc is nearing its climax ^^