Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Bride is His Wife Chapter 6, Majuu Sensen chapter 27 (END) and complete volume 2

First, it's a new Bride, so enjoy!'s the final chapter of Majuu Sensen!....and non-endings are a thing Nagai has passed down to Ishikawa. Well, you can almost sense the cancellation here, given the magazine was cut off, along with the series. But of course, there's a sequel...

So here's chapter 27 and another Ken Ishikawa manga joins the ranks of completely scanned.

And here's a complete volume 1 and volume 2 for all!


  1. thanks again, will you guys be doing the sequel?

    1. Even the sequel seems to be somewhat open-ended... but check out the 3 ovas based upon the original majuu sensen, they have a way more conclusive ending, maybe what Ishikawa had in mind, before the manga was cancelled.

  2. Thanks for translating the whole manga with great quality, and remarkable speed (the two volumes were published in less than a year!). You guys rule!

  3. Did you try gun frontier it only has one volume left untranslated

  4. Thanks! Speaking of Ishikawa, do you guys have any word on Kyomu Senki? The Dynamic Pro website isnt updated since last year... Thanks again for translating Majuu Sensen.