Friday, March 4, 2016

Nodame Cantabile epilogue chapter (Joint with Eien Scans)

Well, well, well. It turns out while we eagerly await the new 87 Clockers, Nodame Cantabile has an epilogue chapter out there. The series that put Tomoko Ninomiya on the map! And once Eien Scans reached out to us? You know we had to be over that. No points for guessing Music Otaku absolutely loves the series.

It's been some years since the series end, and we rejoin Nodame and Chiaki as they do what they do best...

Enjoy it, guys!

And we're recruiting both editors and translators! Give us a ring, we've got a few series we need assistance with!

And go check out Eien Scans, they do a lot of good stuff!


  1. How to read it? I love it so much but can't access the link

  2. thanks a bunch! such a live saver :)

  3. Kinda...depressing...
    Not sure what I was expecting but I left this one feeling down. Oh well.

  4. The Indian govt. Has blocked that URL. but I want to read. .kindly help me