Thursday, January 7, 2016

Azumi Chapter 116

and this starts with a freaking BANG. This is what happens when you piss Azumi off. It's a scene like you may've seen straight out of classic Chanbara/Jidaigeki films, when Azumi is about to take on seven coldblooded murderers, led by Bishamonten himself.

Moment of truth has arrived: Showdown with the Seven Men


  1. I think the last two pages are wrong the page number puts it at the end of chapter 6 (121).
    p.s. saw page number for second to last and realized that is the true end.

  2. Thank you for another release.

    Does anyone know if there is forum where fans actively discuss the 2 Azumi mangas series? I'm trying to figure out how is the 2nd manga series (which is 16 or 18 volumes, I think) related to this 48 volume series which HappyScan is scanlating...

    I'm wondering if it the same Azumi character or is it an alternate Azumi?

  3. This is so frustrating man, she should have killed all of them from the start.

  4. Will you guys consider making Azumi your primary project until completion if we readers chip in and raise some funds for the cause?

    I mean, I got completely hooked and dying to read at a much faster pace... Seeing as there are 48 volumes without counting the sequel series, it will take us about 7 more years to get to the finish line at this pace.

    What do you guys think? Is this a viable option? I'm thinking something along the lines of a small Indiegogo campaign or something similar.