Sunday, November 29, 2015

Blazing Ninjaman Chapter 26 and Blazing Transfer Student Complete v12

In this new chapter of Ninjaman...well, preparation is a bitch

Now...for the grand finale...we have chapter 118 of Blazing Transfer Student and it is a worthy finale to what has come before. I suggested this manga to Chaos...well, year ago, and now we put the finishing touches on it. He and Kazuhiko are the heroes of this one, who put in incredible work on every single volume and chapter to deliver the epic you see before you. It's always a thrill when we can complete something like this, and am I sure as hell happy to let this see the light of day. ends the tale of the Blazing Transfer Student!

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  1. Just finished BTS, amazing series, laughed a lot and will alway read other works by Shimamoto Kazuhiko.

    Thank you all who worked in this manga.