Monday, November 30, 2015

Azumi Chapter 112

Don't you just love it when plans fall apart? Unfortunately, Kiku's secret is out, and he happens to appeal to one very, very sick member of Bishamonten's merry band of monsters. Another, Byakuya, has set a rather nightmarish hostage situation complete with a death so hideous not even Koyama Yuu could write it out.

However, it's very Azumi to showcase the best of humanity as it showcases the worst. Hikoma, Kanzaemon, Bunzo and Jotaro are really swell guys and true friends to one another. And the bandits continue to be incredibly ignorant and incredibly lucky regarding Azumi....but at the end...well, all I'll say is you don't see THAT happen to her much...

I must say, Bishamonten is quite probably the single most vile villain in the series thus far. But, hey, only a matter of time until Azumi saves Kiku, Oko and puts every last one of them out of our misery. Right?

Enjoy Azumi!