Saturday, October 31, 2015

Yokai Chunter Chapter 1 and Baptism volume 1

Happy Halloween, everyone.

First, with Hokuto No Gun. we're happy to present...Yokai Hunter, Chapter 1: The Black Investigator.

Now, some of you here might be familiar with Morohoshi Daijiro, and we've completed, in the past, one of his works, Ankoku Shinwa or The Dark Myth. Yokai Hunter was one of the series that brought him greater fame as one of his earlier works. In Yokai Hunter (an unfortunately generic title Daijiro rather disliked), we see ancient horrors come to life before our eyes as our hero, Hieda Reijiro, researches the legend on the village of Hiruko. Fans of HP Lovecraft and Thomas Ligotti will feel right at home.

And the works for ages....

From the master himself, Kazuo Umezu!  With HUGE thanks to Angin and Ingledove for helping me make this happen, with a special shoutout to Molokidan for translating it so beautifully. Baptism is one of Umezu's twisted horror tales, concerning a girl kept locked away by her insane mother...for a most sinister purpose...

Here's Baptism V1!

Happy All Hallows Even, folks. Enjoy the horror.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

Sukeban Deka: The Sunrise Cordon Part 1

It's a new story arc, and we get thrown a curve ball. Saki is trying to save a friend from a marriage interview, but there's a rather...UNEXPECTED guest to say the least.

A reminder of Saki the Delinquent being awesome, but how much she hides and represses under all that fire, and a glimpse into her family...

Here's the new Deka!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Shut Hell Chapter LVI

so, having some computer issues again, and it's in the shop, but we can still get this to you!

Here's another Shut Hell!