Friday, September 11, 2015

Shut Hell Chapter 53 and Pygmalio V9 ep. 4 part 15

Now, let's kick us off with a new Shut Hell!
And treachery leads to Shut Hell on her way to finding Yurul again...and Veronika being Veronika.

And we are now assisting Wingtip Cafe, well known for some amazing scanlation projects with Wada Shinji's Greek Mythology epic Pygmalio, as we await A1oner's return for more Sukeban Deka. Please enjoy and check this one out!


  1. Thabnks for all your hard work, man ;)

  2. Some issues:
    - There is another RAR file inside the RAR file, containing an incomplete version of the chapter (no text on page 8).
    - Page 6: Melumi says "bring" twice.
    - Page 18: "obsinate"

    Thanks for translating Shut Hell! :D

  3. Thanks for this. can you add another chapter of lovely angel