Monday, July 27, 2015

Blazing Transfer Student chapter 107 and V11, Blazing Ninjaman chapter 18 and Ring ni Kakero V1

It's some more hotblooded action in BTS! Here's the new chapter and new volume alongside Blazing ninjaman and its villains who are apparently part Hyena...

And now...

Well, to say I didn't exactly expect to be doing this is something of an understatement, but an old friend contacted us out of the blue with news of "Hey, I've got translations for Kurumada's stuff.." And Ring was one of the earliest projects Kazu and I ever talked about to round out the hotblooded old school manly manga...

Ring ni Kakero, a story of a boy whose famous boxer of a father passes away, leaving his mother to struggle and marry a no-good drunk. Young Ryuuji is taken by his sister Kiku to Tokyo where she (in a very poorly planned out venture) means to get a job and train Ryuuji to become a boxer to succeed their father as the greatest of pros. The earliest chapters don't quite feature much boxing: more on the quiet drama as it leads into Ryuuji's life and introduces his and Kiku's story.

Now, I should mention...I would love help from a proofreader and editor(s) for this series. It's a great one, so if anyone is willing to help, we'd really, really appreciate it!

Without further ado...Ring chapter 1!


  1. Thank you for picking up Ring ni Kakero

  2. Thank you for picking up Ring ni Kakero

  3. Thank you!!! You are Amazing but i am still waiting for someone who can pick up Tekken Chinmi and Kaiouki.

  4. THANK YOU so much for picking up Ring ni Kakero
    Now if you pick up The Kabocha Wine ..........

  5. I'd be interested in helping out on the editing side of things if you want, thanks for starting this up! I've always wanted to read this series.

    1. That'd be very appreciated. How can we contact you?

    2. E-mail would be good -