Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lovely Angel Chapter 9 and V1, and Azumi chapter 99

It's time for a new Lovely Angel thanks to Sofa King...and we conclude V1. In this one, Angel assists a Priest in ascending to Heaven!

And at the same Azumi, we witness treachery of the basest sort! Azumi is struck by a poison dart at the worst time of all...

And the volume of LA!

Also, if you didn't get in the past, here's LA chapter 8


  1. Hey there! Seems like you forgot to post chap 8 of Lovely Angel. Anyway, thanks for the hard work!

  2. Sorry guys ! I'm the same anon who just wrote about chapter 8 missing - I didn't get that the full volume link was for Lovely Angel - I thought it was Azumi. You might want to change the order of the paragraphs in your post so that everybody gets it right the first time. Thanks again for all the Nagai goodness!

  3. so next azumi's chapters will be 3 digits .. great work HappyScans .. thank you