Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Demonic Resurrection Chapter 11 END

Finishing with 100 percent all natural Jubei Yagyu!

Well, what a ride this was, and it's a story that holds a special place in my heart, ever since I saw the movie on it many years ago.  It's a great supernatural Sci Fi epic and it's a damn shame so little of Yamada's novels have been translated into English. The only one I'm aware is the Koga Ninja Scrolls, or Basilisk as it's also known.

Yamada never did adapt the first of Yamada's Jubei Yagyu Trilogy (perhaps because it's way more grounded in reality). This, however, one can read all on their own. Jubei is portrayed as a mischievous, if righteous and driven. The villains are a combination of monstrous, challenging and sympathetic in equal measure. There's history, action, fantasy and horror and great art as only Ishikawa can deliver.

Let's enjoy the end, guys...and now we really need help with editing. Cat's Eye and Clockers especially with Net absent. We could use the help with translating, too.

Well, all that said...enjoy the end of our epic

Chapter 11

And the whole volume in one

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  1. Wow, Makai Tenshou is complete! Thanks guys, for completely translating this little gem!

  2. Thanks, plans for more Ishikawa?

  3. Page 159 are missing.
    Also, can you guys not include thumbs.db files in the archives? Thanks.

  4. thanks a lot for translating this.
    btw, now the page 159 isn't missing anymore but it's the only one inside the chapter 11 rar now. all the other pages are gone

  5. Replaced with the Mega link. Will get the new MF one up later, sorry.

  6. It was entertaining thanks.