Monday, June 29, 2015

Azumi chapter 100

And look where we are now...we have finally hit it: Azumi chapter 100. It's truly astounding.

Enjoy it!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Majuu Senses Chapter 1

Did someone order more Ishikawa? A demon beast invasion mayhap? Well, with our good mates at Dynamic Pro we bring to you the first of Ishikawa's early work, Majuu Senses, the Demon Beast Invasion, with a HUGE thanks to Takeru Kiyori for taking some time on this while he also works on Kyomu Senki! As we await more of that and Shin Mazinger Zero, enjoy this one...about scientists, ancient beasys and people controlling beasts as a crisis begins on earth. One can definitely recognize some of Nagai's signature style here, which is no surprise given the influence he was on Ishikawa himself.

I must also add that we could use some help, especially for cleaning, translating and for Clockers!

Well, here's Chapter 1

So enjoy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shutendoji Volume 4

It's volume 4 of Shutendoji at last. Jiro learns where the battle lies and assembles his own team to take on Kitani and his forces...and the battle shall begin.

With Hokuto no Gun, we proudly present volume 4 of Shutendoji with great thanks to A1oner, Katatonia and Chaos!

And we are now looking for translators and editors! Please consider lending a hand!

Demonic Resurrection Chapter 11 END

Finishing with 100 percent all natural Jubei Yagyu!

Well, what a ride this was, and it's a story that holds a special place in my heart, ever since I saw the movie on it many years ago.  It's a great supernatural Sci Fi epic and it's a damn shame so little of Yamada's novels have been translated into English. The only one I'm aware is the Koga Ninja Scrolls, or Basilisk as it's also known.

Yamada never did adapt the first of Yamada's Jubei Yagyu Trilogy (perhaps because it's way more grounded in reality). This, however, one can read all on their own. Jubei is portrayed as a mischievous, if righteous and driven. The villains are a combination of monstrous, challenging and sympathetic in equal measure. There's history, action, fantasy and horror and great art as only Ishikawa can deliver.

Let's enjoy the end, guys...and now we really need help with editing. Cat's Eye and Clockers especially with Net absent. We could use the help with translating, too.

Well, all that said...enjoy the end of our epic

Chapter 11

And the whole volume in one

EDIT: updated with new link!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Desert Rose Chapter 1

It's time for Suna No Bara...

Continuing our trend of enjoying bringing you manga with strong and badass female protagonists, we have Desert Rose, translated by Music Otaku and checked and beautifully edited by A1oner, for whom this is a special project. The series involves an elite anti-terrorism unit, led by a woman who lost her family to a terrorist attack that marked her in more ways than one....leading her team, they go after terrorists wherever they may find them.

Let's begin our introduction to the skilled, driven and lovely Marie and her team in chapter 1 of Desert Rose: Burst City

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Babel II V3 Chapter 11

And finally, it's a mighty huge Babel! A huge chapter that should more than make up the wait! Yomi is found by his men in the dessert with newfound knowledge of Babel...and in his hands? Well, read on as the battles rage on!

Here it is! We and Hokuto No Gun proudly present more Babel!

The Tree In the Sunlight Chapter 32

A new chapter at last, and we owe a MASSIVE thanks to the new cleaner and typesetter for this...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kyomu Senki Chapter 3

And here it is!

We sojourn into Japanese history to the death of Nobunaga Oda himself...and we are introduced to the mysterious and sinister Koji Kasshin...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Shut Hell Chapter 47

And now it's time for a new Shut Hell. The aftermath...the troops moving...and more of Temujin and Veronika's deliciously fucked up relationship.