Sunday, May 24, 2015

Vagabond 327

We and Guren once again bring you your monthly Vagabond fix. Let's see how Kojiro's doing with his lessons.


  1. This is my favorite manga (barely beating out REAL). I recently went back and browsed the initial stories before recommending it to a friend --- before I knew it I got sucked in re-read the whole series from #1. It's amazing how Inoue's art has matured and changed over the years from a tightly controlled style to a free and spontaneous style --- almost as though he's internalized Takuan's/Musashi's lessons of enlightenment? This is manga is a portrayal of a grandmaster by a grandmaster...

  2. Thanks for the chapter... this is awesome!!

  3. Thanks! If you need help with Vagabond, please, let me know.