Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tales of a Charcoal Burner Chapter 11 and Volume 1 (END)

It's time for the final chapter. After seeing the procession of spirits and creatures, our Charcoal burner works to make a new kiln. It's another day in the life of a simple charcoal burner, with an interesting glimpse into how occupations of the past have been altered by the coming of modernity.

Anyways...a very fun, obscure little manga. Thanks to Hahah for translating it, and Kau and Hightide for doing it. You guys enjoy the end!

Chapter 11
Volume 1


  1. Thank you very much. Can I request kaiketsu furo zukin by go nagai?

  2. What's with the hate against surreal works? i would have read all of those.

  3. Is there a chance to get this reuploaded?