Monday, May 4, 2015

Sukeban Deka Chapter 5, part 1

Here we are, at long last. Part 1 of the 'Lawless Town' which will go into volume 3. Our girl Saki is informed if she makes this job without an issue...her mother can be saved after all. Well, as we all's never that simple.

Time for some hot yo yo action!


  1. Holy crap it's alive.

  2. Sukeban Deka of Sukeban Keiji?

  3. Damn, i was re-reading the captain Kuro arc, of One Piece, and the similarities between Usopp's story and this kid are enormous, both are hated by the villagers, both have a link to the "princess" of the place, their main weapon of choice is a slingshot, and their only allies is a bunch of kids who idolize them!!!

    Thus by comparison it is clear, Captain Kuro, that is to say the Teacher everyone loves is the actual rapist, and Usopp will join Saki as she becomes pirate king.

  4. I still am beyond happy and love that you are working on this series ... Thank you.