Sunday, April 5, 2015

Orochi Chapter 8

And today...we lead off with Orochi Chapter 8 after so many years

Orochi is a lovely little horror manga by the amazing Kazuo Umezu. In this little tale, Orochi observes a blind girl who is embroiled in a nasty scheme when her father is accused of murder.

Maybe it's me, but this reminds me of the classic film Wait Until Dark for the plot of a blind victim pursued by a killer. The claustrophobia of the scenario is so well encapsulated here and given a nice twist with a dash of social commentary from Umezu himself.

And a huge thanks to Molo for translating this one. He'd been waiting for it as long as we had!


  1. only chapter 1 has been scanlated (more than 10 years ago) isn't it?

    I tried to buy the book on amazon just a while ago

    1. My bad. I mistake it with "Baptism"

      Shaggy Horror releases Orochi up to chapter 7 (Vol.3)

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