Sunday, March 8, 2015

Kyomu Senki Chapter 2

And here we are, chapter 2 of the Void Chronicles...

Just an FYI: Sukeban Deka is in editing stages, Violence Jack's in translation for the next part


  1. Hi, thnxs for your work! I just discovered this blog and was amazed with the mangas you got here... but sadly most of links i´ve checked so far are dead. Those were mostly old mangas, like Takeru vol 1 & vol 2, Cobra and Tezuka´s Angel. Any chance they are reuploaded soon? Or maybe any other way to get them like via dropbox or something? Gracias! ;)

    1. Check the Media link on the side

    2. Wow, i just didn´t check those links. My mistake. GREAT!!

  2. Woo-hooo! Super excited for more Go Nagai work...which maybe makes me a bad person? Keep up the awesome work guys! :D