Monday, February 16, 2015

Gilgamesh prologue and Sasori Chapter 2

Well, our friend CHillock started this project, which led to us meeting, and eventually to Arion, so I think we ALL owe him a real thanks...we're just touching things up, and making sure people can enjoy it.

So, as everyone may know, we did finish a lot of Ishinomori projects recently, so perhaps this can take their place for now. It's Gilgamesh! Combining Sumerian mythology with science fiction and long monologues!

Thanks to all involved, enjoy the prologue!

And...Sasori chapter 2: A Sweet Trap, where we see just how devious our heroine can be!


  1. i'm glad you guys are picking up Ishinomori again. I love Tezuka, Yokoyama and Nagai as much as any other classic author, but Ishinomori will always be my favorite!

  2. Thanks! Ishinomori is always great