Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lovely Angel Chapter 1 and Azumi Chapter 82

I really should've released this ages ago, but...well, here we go, from Other Side of Sky, it's time for another whacky sex comedy from Go Nagai: Lovely Angel, concerning a beautiful woman known for her kindness, charm and ability to touch the lives of others....through some unconventional means.

enjoy chapters 1 and 2

And it's also time for a new Azumi's hunters catch an innocent family in the crossfire...
Azumi Chapter 82!


  1. Ow, thanks!

    Love everything from Nagai :P

    I was hoping for Harenchi Gakuen, perhaps some day.

    You rock!

  2. Thanks. I'm glad you guys are keeping with the good work. I also want to see more from Ishinomori in the future.