Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Chinggis Khan Volume 5 (END)

And here it is, the end of the epic. Chinggis stands supreme on the steps. There's only one thing to do now: A conqueror needs conquest.

This is an immensely human tale, unlike many of Yokoyama's historical works. He does not shy away at showing Temuchin's humanity along with his grievous faults: his quickness to anger, his strained relationship with some of his sons (particularly Jochi) and others. It also shows his better sides with his caring for his family, his occasional flashes of wisdom and his brilliance in battle.

Chinggis spent the better part of twenty years unifying the steppes. The world was firmly unprepared for the Mongols leaving them. Empires and dynasties would be swept away in a brutal tide within the next century. Sadly, Yokoyama doesn't tell us altogether much of the conquests themselves, and the story of how Khwarezm fell is glossed over.

Still, every Conqueror has his end, and Temuchin lived longer than most in beginning the forging an empire quite larger than any in world history save the British Empire. His end is recounted here, and in the grand scheme of things, his united empire would not long outlive him. Still, the effects he had in his lifetime? Few can hope to compare.

We hope you enjoyed the series. Here's the finale!


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