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Kitaro of the Graveyard Volume 6 and Volume 7- Happy Halloween!

Well, it's time for the end!

Volume 6
Volume 7

We held on to this for a while to deliver some spooky fun for you all for All Hallow's Eve, and what better way with the conclusion of Mizuki's masterpiece? Two full volumes, with a lot of great stories, including the terrific vampire arc! It's been a wild ride to say the least, what with all the chilld this story has delivered. And Kitaro's...questionable approach to ethics. Of course, Mizuki's always been quite the inventive and creative man, so it's no wonder Kitaro's endured so long. but, either way, we hope you've enjoyed the story of the boy in the graveyard and his fights against all that goes bump in the night.

It was a real pleasure working on this. It was funny, eerie and a real blast. We're always proud to bring you all the classics!

Oh, and Ryujin Numa's completely updated. We'll get Page 154 of Ryu V7 up and running for you guys!

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

PS: If anyone can donate just a bit as far as Trick or treating goes, we'd truly appreciate it!

Net edit:
I've updated The Way of Ryu volume 7 with the translated page 154, you can also download the page by itself here. Happy Halloween everyone!

Way Of Ryu chapter 28 A and Kekko Kamen chapter 21

Now? It's time. For the penultimate chapter of The Way Of Ryu  Yes. This series is that close to completion. How will it end? Stay tuned and find out!

Just 250 left to go on our drive now. Please consider donating as every little bit helps! Thanks to all!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cat's Eye 61 and Shut Hell 41

First up, we have the delightfully titled: Leave The Poor Girls Alone! And whacky hijinks ensue, mainly around our friend Rat Boy...

And a new Shut Hell at last! Entitled...Night Raid
This chapter? Is what happens when the Mongols go to war. It's a chapter focused almost solely on bloody battle. Enjoy!

And now we've raised about 45 dollars. Just 250 to go! Your help is much appreciated. Please consider making a donation or offering to join the team! We really need the help and every little bit counts!

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Chinggis Khan Volume 3, donation and recruitment!

And it's time for a new Chinggis Khan! This volume follows the rise of Temuchin's great friend and mortal enemy, Jamuka as he claims leadership of the Gurkhan tribes and begins his own ambition and campaigns. He's a worthy adversary to the great Khan and it's sad he gets forgotten in most tellings. But either way...this is another amazing volume of the historical epic as Temuchin and Jamuka both get stronger, making their eventual clash inevitable.

here's V3

And we're still in need of donations. Any little bit helps!

Also, we're still recruiting both cleaners and typesetters here!

Azumi chapter 72, Robot Keiji Chapter 21 and Way of Ryu 27e, Donation Drive and recruitment

Azumi Chapter 72! As Fencers

In this exciting new chapter, Azumi is prepared to take her opponents on...who beg her for a chance to settle their fight as swordsmen.

In the next Ryu, the truth of the New Men is revealed...and the question remains: who will rule the future? We're hurtling towards the conclusion of this whole series!

And finally, it's time for a new Robot Keiji! So close to the end...and the Jackal approaches

Now, I must again beseech for any help with editing! We have some great projects in and coming up, so please consider signing on as an editor if you want to help with great manga!

And we still have 290 dollars to go for our drive. Please help us out there! Any small amount helps and will help our projects continue.

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Cat's Eye chapter 60 and donation drive

Hello, all! It's time for another Cat's Eye Chapter..."Don't Go- It's love!"

A pretty lighthearted and sweet chapter about Hitomi and Toshio...granted, Toshio's kind of a moron.

Anyways, we're still 10 dollars into the drive, so 290 to go! ny help is appreciated! And please notice our Media and a new Mega account are up and running!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Shin Mazinger Zero Chapter 10

And now, a treat for you guys! Shin Mazinger Zero chapter 10, as Dr. Hell enters the scene!

Hope you guys enjoy. We'll be bringing this in the chapters now.  At this time, I'll renew my request for help with cleaning and typesetting, with offers to teach anyone.

We're still on Donation Drive mode for Nethandle. We've raised 10 dollars with 290 to go! Any help is appreciated

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kekko Kamen Chapter 20

Alrighty, time for a new Kekko Kamen! We're on Volume 3 now, so home stretch! Thanks be to Music for taking the time for this!

Here it is!

We've received 10 dollars for Net's laptop so far. Only 290 to go! Any help is truly appreciated!

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Azumi chapter 71

Here's a new Azumi!

As an update, we've got nearly all of our solo projects up and are working on joints now. If anyone is available, we could badly use help with editing Shut Hell to get more in for you guys.

On that note, it appears Net's laptop is on its last legs. If anyone can chip in even a bit to help him with a new one, we can assure more Clockers, Cat's Eye, Shut Hell and more coming out far quicker. We'd need about just 300 for that.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for the patience!

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Azumi Chapter 70

Just showing you guys: Can't keep a good group down!

Net and I are working on the recovery, but we could use some help: Does anyone have the complete volumes of Way Of Ryu volumes 5, 6 and 7?

And just to show we remain unbowed, unbent, unbroken: here is a new Azumi!

And what the hell, here's a new Tree In The sunlight! The Shogun's Longest Day

Monday, October 13, 2014

Robot K chapter 20 reupload and Mediafire

Well, this sucks. Apparently we got hit by Mediafire now. Unfortunately, it seems those files are lost, but everything should be on Batoto or other reader sites in the meantime

Anyone have recommendations of other good filehosts?

here's Robot Keiji reuploaded for you all

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Robot Keiji chapter 20

Here's a new chapter! K will reconnect with his lost humanity, save a kitten and meet a young girl who restores his faith in his own humanity.

and her name's Kaori Yuki. Guess it was before Angel Sanctuary.

Here's Robot K!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Emeraldas Volume 4 and Robot Keiji 19

The end, and the return. In the final volume of Queen Emeraldus, we are treated to a rather...melancholy story. Far from focusing on action and drama, we truly get inside Emeraldus's head in her solitary journey as she remembers the ones she loves and the ones she's lost.

Leiji Matsumoto often works in these themes: the endless search through the stars, those who follow their ideals to their end, the loss of youth, and it's very apparent here. Emeraldus is inscrutable as ever and strong while simultaneously vulnerable and with a great sadness to her that nobody can truly pierce. But life, as it always must, goes on. And so must the voyages of Emeraldus.

We hope you've enjoyed reading! Enjoy this final volume

And now...Krazy has finally managed a comeback for one chapter of Robot K, and I dearly hope more are coming, too! Believe me, guys, I want it as much as you do! We're glad we can bring it back. K is searching for the meaning of his existence and comes to a conclusion at last, evoking the humanism Ishinomori is so known for.

Here's chapter 19

And if you love manga like this, please volunteer to help edit it! We truly need it and we can teach you!

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