Thursday, December 4, 2014

Susanoo V4 part 5, Kekko Kamen Chapter 23, Demonic Resurrection Chapter 2, Azumi Chapter 78, 87 Clockers

Ok, due to my recent computer troubles as well, I wanted to give you guys a nice little bonanza here.

Let's kick it off with new Susanoo! It's a full supernatural brawl and...someone makes a reappearance!

Azumi chapter 78, AKA shit gets real with Kinkaku and Ginkaku's gang

Kekko Kamen 23, we learn her secret identity at last?

And Clockers 87 chapter 27! Time for more fun there!

And finally...Demonic Resurrection chapter 2! Makai Tensho continues as we see the plot of our villains...and the greatest warriors are being revived from the dead to serve them. It's time for Yagyu Jubei to take the scene. Our hero is about to take on the greatest of spearmen. Stay tuned!

Enjoy, guys! And we're recruiting still!