Friday, December 12, 2014

Arion Volume 4

The Penultimate volume of Arion is here! In this volume, we see the tragic story of Arion's conception, and the shared love of Prometheus and Pandora, with the cruelty of the Gods coming between them. Told in Yasuhiko's emotional and affecting style, it really, really drives in the need for Arion's quest, and what's at stake.

Sorry about the quietness for the past few days. Busy season. Anyways, enjoy, everyone!

Here's V4!


  1. Thanks!

    As an aside, if it's not a bother to ask, do you have an estimate as to when the next Shut Hell will come out?

    1. No bother, but it could be a bit. The TL is extremely busy and has to finish a few things before he gets to the next volume.

  2. Thank You very much for working on this and Sabu to Ichi!