Friday, November 21, 2014

Susanoo v4 part 3, Azumi chapter 76, 87 Clockers 25 and Cat's Eye 64

Here's a new Susanoo!

And a new Azumi!

A new Clockers

And of course, Cat's Eye!

Just FYI, Robot K only has 3 chapters left. Waiting for the finale to be translated!

As for donations, we are now at only 120 remaining! Any bit helps!

Thanks and enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the releases. Good to know about K.

    After the three main Ishimori's series, there's plans for anything else? Gorenger? The sequels for The Way of Ryu, maybe?

    There's a new digital collection of all Ishimori's works here:

    Rumors says that Hokuto no Gun will be using this scans for their possible Cyborg 009 release. So, maybe there's a way to rip from those? Just a suggestion.

  2. Got hooked on Clockers today. Hope my donation helps getting that laptop a bit sooner. ^^

  3. Thanks so mutch for Clockers <3

  4. Thanks for the chapters.
    Can I ask you to re upload this chapter Azumi 76, and the 97 and 98. I think that this are the only chapters down now.