Sunday, November 16, 2014

Azumi 75, Clockers 24 and Way of Ryu 28B (END), plus donation drive

First? It's time for a new Azumi. Azumi and Kanbee settle things for good and all, as Munenori enacts a new plan to deal with our heroine desperately seeking her purpose now.  A beautiful chapter, just as we expect from Koyama Yuu at this point, with all the poignant emotion Azumi is known for. Farewell to another excellent character.

Next? We open a new volume of Clockers. Volume 5, as Kanade decides it's time to break a record!

And finally...Ryu has the final battle with Medor and encounters what can only be God. Ryu makes a decision over whether humans will inherit the world despite their flaws, or be cast aside, having had their chance. Well, at the end...Ryu has his answer to what the driving force is, where Maria is and he will become....

Well. Guess you'll have to read it, won't you?

And here is the complete volume 8. 

And with that? The Way Of Ryu...comes to its conclusion.  I hope you all enjoyed the journey. Thank you all for reading.And thanks to the late, great Shotaro Ishinomori for crafting this masterpiece.

In the meantime, we have 150 left to go on the donation drive. Any little bit helps! Please consider chipping in if you can!


  1. When I first saw The Way of Ryu on your site, I jokingly thought is was related to Genshi Shounen Ryuu (I'm not sure about the English title). When I found out it actually was, I decided to read it. The animated version of Genshi Shounen Ryuu was a little too silly for me, so I didn't expect much from this comic. It ended up being much better than I expected, and I'm glad I was able to read it. Thanks for the work you put into releasing this series.

    1. Genshi Shonen Ryu was actually adapted from Ryu no Michi. But Toei producers though the story would be too complicated for little children and heavily modified it. Ishinomori, though, decided to tie the series together in order to form a trilogy (the other being Banchou Wakusei). The manga from Genshi Shonen Ryu is actually a science fiction, but the animated series omitted those elements.

  2. Man to think that is over, but it was a great story, thanks guys!

  3. Thanks for you time and work on this series. This is really a masterpiece and all manga enthusiasts should read it. Such a beautiful work of art.

  4. Thank you so much for this!

  5. Nice, thanks for the time and work it took on translating this. Great series.

  6. Thanks a lot for Clockers :)


    Seriously, thank you so much for your work in this series. I hope we'll see Ryu's Planet in the future, but for now I can wait.