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Chinggis Khan Volume 4 (joint with Hox)

Aaaand here it is! Hox sums it up best, so let me quote him:

With the 4th volume, Temuchin becomes Chinggis Khan at last! Two things I want to note about this volume. One is the meaning of the title, "chinggis." Although this manga says it means, "supreme and strong," the matter is more complicated than that as scholars continue to debate it. To quote a section from Ratchnevsky's Genghis Khan: His Life and Legacy:

The word  has been variously interpreted as 'firm', 'strong', 'righteous', 'loyal', 'hard' or 'cruel', depending upon the meaning attributed to the word ching by different Mongol tribes. In general such attributions seek to stress the quality of a 'firm and strong khan' rather than exhibiting any desire to vie with the title of Gurkhan ('Universal Ruler') which had been bestowed on Jamuka. 
An alternative and probably sounder derivation, advanced quite independently by von Ramstedt and Pelliot, is from the Turkic tängiz, 'sea or ocean.' This interpretation is supported by the Mongolian equivalent dalai-yin khan on the seal of the Great Khan and the Turkic formal preamble tailai-nung han in Guyuk Kha'ans letter to Pope Innocent IV. In dalai lama, the Mongolian rendering of the Tibetan lamaistic title, rGyamts'o blama, meaning 'Ruler of the Seas' or 'Ruler of the World', dalai is used as a concept for 'universal' or 'all-embracing'; this is clearly exhibited by the juxtaposition of dalai and yeke ('great') in the Juyongguan Inscription. The title 'Oceanic Ruler' is very old. In Uighur legend Tengiz (Dengiz-khan) is the name of the youngest son of the Uighur Oguz-khan - and, despite Pelliot's phonetic objections, it may even be identified in the name of one of the sons of Attila the Hun. 
Although in Rashid ad-Din's day the Mongols had forgotten the original tradition and the title was simply equated with the Mongolian word ching ('firm' or 'strong'), Rashid uses the wider interpretation of the title when he compares it with the Persian shah-an-shah. Nasir ad-Din also gives Hulegu the title padsha-i jahan ('Universal Ruler'), a non-Islamic title which, as Minorsky comments, must be a rendering of dalai-khan. The Genghiside imperial family retained this tradition into the seventeeth century, when a son of Dayan-khan bore the title erdeni dalai khan.
 There are, of course, more fringe theories on its meaning, such as that it's derived from the Chinese tianzi (Son of Heaven), or a rendering of the Chinese imperial first-person pronoun zhèn (朕). There are also tales in later Mongolian chronicles that it's an onomatopoeic representation of a bird cry, but these are more folklore than actual history.
  The second thing I want to mention is that while the Naimans were a Turkic group, distinct from the Mongols in central Mongolia and Tungusic peoples in Eastern Mongolia and Manchuria, they were still primarily pastoral nomads and it's highly unlikely that their style of combat differed all that much from all of the horse-riding warriors across the Eurasian steppe. Or to put it simply, they did NOT use war chariots. I don't know where Yokoyama got that idea, or maybe he wanted to add them because they looked cool, but to think that the very people whose entire society changed once horses were domesticated to a point as to accommodate human riders, would build an extremely expensive yet less effective tool of war that had been abandoned by even the sedentary civilizations for almost a thousand years prior to the 13th century is just absurd.

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Demonic Resurrection/Makai Tensho Chapter 1, Azumi Chapter 77, and 87 Clockers 26

Here's Azumi 77! 
In this chapter, Kinkaku and Ginkaku have taken the village...and we get a very unfortunate glimpse what happens when such vicious bandits take a town over. Kinkaku and Ginkaku (Or 'Gold Horn and Silver Horn') are based off a pair of demons in Journey to the West, one of the Four Great Novels of Chinese literature. I'd say the two in Azumi are just a ''bit'' more vile.

And Clockers 26!
Had a feeling it was time for this one...the overclocking continues

And...our new series, Demonic Resurrection, or Makai Tensho in Japanese. The original novel was written by the great Futaro Yamada, also known for Basilisk and The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls. Now we see it adapted by Ken Ishikawa himself!

The story takes place after the failed Shimabara Rebellion, led by Shiro Amakusa as a Christian uprising against the Shogunate. It ended...brutally, and Amakusa himself was executed.  However, dark forces are at work, and Amakusa returns from the grave...

And Demonic Resurrection won't stop there. Read on in Chapter 1! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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Amon Saga Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of the saga, and we witness one monster hag killing people for hair...tsk tsk.

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Susanoo v4 part 3, Azumi chapter 76, 87 Clockers 25 and Cat's Eye 64

Here's a new Susanoo!

And a new Azumi!

A new Clockers

And of course, Cat's Eye!

Just FYI, Robot K only has 3 chapters left. Waiting for the finale to be translated!

As for donations, we are now at only 120 remaining! Any bit helps!

Thanks and enjoy!

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Azumi 75, Clockers 24 and Way of Ryu 28B (END), plus donation drive

First? It's time for a new Azumi. Azumi and Kanbee settle things for good and all, as Munenori enacts a new plan to deal with our heroine desperately seeking her purpose now.  A beautiful chapter, just as we expect from Koyama Yuu at this point, with all the poignant emotion Azumi is known for. Farewell to another excellent character.

Next? We open a new volume of Clockers. Volume 5, as Kanade decides it's time to break a record!

And finally...Ryu has the final battle with Medor and encounters what can only be God. Ryu makes a decision over whether humans will inherit the world despite their flaws, or be cast aside, having had their chance. Well, at the end...Ryu has his answer to what the driving force is, where Maria is and he will become....

Well. Guess you'll have to read it, won't you?

And here is the complete volume 8. 

And with that? The Way Of Ryu...comes to its conclusion.  I hope you all enjoyed the journey. Thank you all for reading.And thanks to the late, great Shotaro Ishinomori for crafting this masterpiece.

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Kama Sutra V3 chapter 2, Shut Hell chapter 42 and Volume 6, and Cat's eye 63, with donation drive

Time to bring out another lot! It's time for another Kama Sutra! With the chapter 'Showdown,' Ryu and Prince finally face off! Well, Prince does indeed know how to play the villain...and let's face it, his goal's not THAT bad.

Time for a new Cat's Eye as well! Volume 9 begins and it's a very Cat's Eye Christmas here, with Ai wondering a few things about family...and learns that her father left her something after all. Here it is!

And finally, we complete Shut Hell volume 6. In this final chapter, it's an all out battle, ending with a brutal duel. Here's Chapter 42 and Volume 6

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Azumi 74 and Anjuu No Chi 5, plus recruitment and donation drive!

And a new Azumi that closes out Volume 9 for all of you!
Another great chapter from Koyama Yuu here. The Duel at Renjoshi where Azumi grants the requests of her foes...

Also, with great thanks to the editor, we bring a chapter to close out volume 1 of the very dark Anjuu no Chi, a very sexually explicit story about...well, if I had to pick one word to describe it, it would be 'emptiness.' Still, we are helping to finish this one, so one volume left. Here's the chapter:

Anjuu No Chi, end of V1

It'd be quite remiss of me not to mention the translator making this possible!
Thank them for the great work on this, and hopefully we'll see more before long!

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Kekko Kamen chapter 22 and Susanoo v4 part 2

Here's some Nagai to kick off your weekends!

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Here's Kekko Kamen

and Susanoo

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Kama Sutra V3 chapter 1, Cat's Eye 62 and CE 8

and now, time for more ecchi fun! The third volume of Kama Sutra begins!

And it's time to end a volume of Cat's Eye, so get ready! Here's chapter 62
and the full volume 8

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Space Adventure Cobra, Volume 4 chapter 6: The Lightning Planet, and donation drive

I think this says all we need to know, no?
Dinosaurs and Psychoguns? Make for a winning combination. Enjoy this new delightful chapter of Cobra!

We have only 200 left to raise now as well! Any help is very appreciated!

Tiger Mask chapter 10, 87 Clockers 23 and Volume 4 complete

WHOO! A new Tiger Mask! and we have Tiger Mask complete the tag team match and face off with the terrifying Gorilla Man!

And now, it's a new Clockers, and...volume 4 is done!  Wow, who would've thought? We're loving this one, so enjoy it!

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Amon Saga Chapter 1, Azumi chapter 73 and Susanoo volume 4 part 1 and donation drive

Let's kick this Sunday off!

First off, it's time to begin a new Ishikawa project, that Sofa King has been editing, while Chaos has been on the translation. The Amon Saga! Where the warrior Amon arrives from the moon to cleanse the city of Heian of its demonic taint.

In Susanoo, a new volume begins and the boxing match continues!

And finally, in Azumi, we see Azumi prepared to meet the challenge. It's the Fencers and the Assassin

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