Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chinggis Khan Volume 3, donation and recruitment!

And it's time for a new Chinggis Khan! This volume follows the rise of Temuchin's great friend and mortal enemy, Jamuka as he claims leadership of the Gurkhan tribes and begins his own ambition and campaigns. He's a worthy adversary to the great Khan and it's sad he gets forgotten in most tellings. But either way...this is another amazing volume of the historical epic as Temuchin and Jamuka both get stronger, making their eventual clash inevitable.

here's V3

And we're still in need of donations. Any little bit helps!

Also, we're still recruiting both cleaners and typesetters here!


  1. Thanks

    Love some Yokoyama

  2. Damn, life was hard back then! Once minute the leader of your clan makes a minor political/military miscalculation, the next you've lost your head (and wife, too)